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Section 164 in The Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Judgment Search Results Home > Cases Phrase: indian evidence act 1872 section 165 Page 3 of about 384,031 results 1.245 seconds Mar 29 2017 HC Court on Its Own Motion vs.vidyanand & Ors. 93. Exclusion of evidence to. explain or amend ambiguous. document. 94. Exclusion of evidence against. application of document to existing facts. 95.Evidence as to document unmeaning in reference to existing facts. 96. Evidence. as to application of la~:gua.gcwhich can. Section 160 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Under section 159 a witness can refresh his memory by looking at the document and can give evidence. On the other hand, under section 160 a reference to the writing revives in the witness’s mind a recollection of facts relating to the transaction. [If an electronic record as such is used as primary evidence under Section 62 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 the same is admissible in evidence, without compliance with the conditions in Section 65B of the Evidence Act. In this case, DVR which contains the information is before the Court] Related. Section 167 in The Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 167. No new trial for improper admission or rejection of evidence.—The improper admission or rejection of evidence shall not be ground of itself for a new trial or reversal of any decision in any case.

Section 65-B clause 4 of the Indian Evidence Act for short the Act for adducing any electronic evidence not in the form of original/primary evidence, the certificate contemplated is mandatory.- No. 165 of the Act, to direct the prosecution or the defacto. Full text containing the act, Indian Evidence Act, 1872, with all the sections, schedules, short title, enactment date, and footnotes.

The updating and uploading of Rules, Regulations, Notifications, etc., and linking them with relevant sections of the respective Principal Act under which the said subordinate legislations have been made is the proprietary of the concerned Ministry/Departments in the Government of India administering subject matter of the Legislation. Sample notes on Indian Evidence Act. Study material and notes for State Judiciary Exams and Judicial Service exams of all states. This is a sample of our full course. Provided by DLA.

Using, as evidence, of document production of which was refused on notice Judge’s power to put questions or order production. Section 164, 165 of Indian Evidence Act 1872. Evidence 3 LAWS OF MALAYSIA Act 56 EVIDENCE ACT 1950 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Part I RELEVANCY ChaPter I PRELIMINARY Section 1. Short title 2. Extent 3. Interpretation 4. Presumption ChaPter II RELEVANCY OF FACTS General 5. Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts 6. Relevancy of facts forming part of same transaction 7. What is Refreshing memory What is Testimony to facts stated in document mentioned in section 159 Section 159 and 160 of Indian Evidence Act 1872 Refreshing memory and Testimony to facts stated in document mentioned in section 159 are defined under section 159 and 160 of Indian Evidence Act. Stay connected to all updated on section 165 of the evidence act. Get Latest News, Breaking News about section 165 of the evidence act Page 1. Stay connected to all updated on section 165 of the evidence act. लाइव लॉ हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करे. Follow Us. The Best Evidence rule, often called a “cardinal principle” of the Indian Evidence Act requires proving by introducing an original document, and when the best possible evidence is not adduced, it throws suspicion on the case and decreases the reliability of belief on any other evidence that may be produced.

13/09/2017 · Respected query holder. Section 65 b of the evidence act was introduced by way of amendment by the constitution after realizing that majority of the evidence produced in the court is computer generated as well as electronic.Therefore there has to be a certification under section 65 b of the indian evidence act to show that the evidence is genuine. 26/05/2010 · The section 106 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 hereinafter referred to as Evidence Act deals with sifting the onus of proving a particular fact on the accused or when that particular fact is especially within his knowledge. This section is only applicable once the prosecution has proved the.

  1. Section 155 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Section 150 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Section 151 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Welcome to ! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.
  2. Refreshing Memory. 157. Former statements of witness may be proved to corroborate later testimony as to same fact. In order to corroborate the testimony of a witness, any former statement made by such witness relating to the same fact, at or about the time when the fact took place, or before any authority legally competent to investigate the.

05/11/2017 · 124- Communication in official confidence 125- Related to inquiry to Police officer/Magistrate/Revenue officer check out full playlist at youtube. The Indian Evidence Act 1872 Indian Bare Acts at, a website for Indian Laws and bareacts, legal advice and law documents in India. Section 161 in The Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 123 161. Right of adverse party as to writing used to refresh memory.—Any writing referred to under the provisions of the two last preceding sections must be produced and shown to the adverse party if he requires it; such party may, if he pleases, cross-examine the witness thereupon.1161. 19/12/2019 · Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 165. Judge’s power to put questions or order production. The Judge may, in order to discover or to obtain proper proof of relevant facts, ask any question he pleases, in any form, at any time, of any witness, or of the parties about any fact relevant of irrelevant; and may order the production of any.

A person accused u/s 366 of IPC, the crime committed by him on 12.06.2015 and has bailed out by the Juvenile Court and also declared as Juvenile on the ground of High School Certificate in which his date of birth was 06.01.2000.The Accused also has a face book profile and shared it with his friends. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is a section of the Indian Penal Code introduced in 1861 during the British rule of India. Modelled on the Buggery Act of 1533, it makes sexual activities "against the order of nature" illegal. What does this mean - Put up orders on the application under order XI Rule 14 r/w Sec 165 of the Indian Evidence Act. I would like to know what is written in order XI rule 14 r/w sec. 165 of the indian evidence act. Professional communication Section 126 to apply to interpreters etc.Privilege not waived by volunteering evidence. Section 126, 127, 128 of Indian Evidence Act 1872. Home Income Tax Service Tax VAT Central Excise Online Forms Bare Acts Companies Act CPC CRPC IPC Formats. 06/04/2009 · Investigation is almost exclusively in the domain of Police.role of a judge comes into play only after the charge is framed. FIR often gives a glimpse of the true nature of the story. but the nature of investigation and hostility of genuine witnesses compel a judge to have recourse to sec-165 Indian Evidence Act at the cost of justice not.

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